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Abuse of Power?

anonymous on 6. Jan, 2015 — Lang: English

Abuse of Power?
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    how can one be banned for so long? there must be a limit surely
    and whats with deleteing non offensive strips?



    I was told to handle the spam but this got boring

    Let me delete some strips of users i do not like


    here_are _the _winners, here_are_the_losers
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  • cirkuz 8.1.2015
    actually i found you to be a total bore of a flea that i swatted a lot... in my book you got what you deserved...why cry now? i hear no repentance...just a small person trying to manipulate the your tags we see whom the loser really is[you] for zoltar having sock puppet accounts[gee what a shock!]who knew[wink wink] i say grow up take responsibility for your actions other than trying to use this lame strip to promote your twisted and warped point of view...personally if i never see your scabtoon nic again it will be to soon
    OccamsRayzor does a great job here just count yourself lucky he doesnt ban you for good but tried to point you in the right direction...if you do decide to stay pretend that you dont know me
    because i'll be doing the same thing...
  • Fabiolars 6.1.2015
    Mmm I check this strip because is a reply for my last strip. Well, this "anonymous" must talk with Occam and treat solved the problem. I agree with last sentence from asfaltocaldo "if you do not identify yourself your not relating to anyone here, then in my view you do not deserve any answer." Good luck.

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  • OccamsRayzor 6.1.2015
  • NeoChomik 6.1.2015
    By old ways i meant going for "being like Zoltar" (so insulting users here or making a really offensive non-hostile strips, though this one is a grey zone at which is and what is not considered as offensive). Though at the end of his intrest in this site, he tamed down a tad bit. Also HOW mean you were is subjective here.

    You might've offended some people more than others, even though you never chnged a thing in your strips. And don't go " show me strips on which i offended anyone " now. You admitted you deleted them so now it's pointless to try, but some of users remember what you did.

    Some played your game, true. Some did much worse things than you, my memory is a bit foggy. But those people either gave up on this game, got bored and left, or got taken care of (im not Staff member like Occams, so i just speculate.)

    And don't get me wrong, I don't mean to say you should stay banned, no way. But as I said on other strip. If you didn't learn the wrongs of your doings after your ban (insulting peeps is bad and so is stealing library items, though I have no problem with you stealing my bike. for this you have my green light. talking only on behalf of myself) then I think you should not retrieve back Scamatoon. If you decided what you did is wrong and you wont do it again, then you have my Vote in "RELEASE THE SCAMATOON" rally.
  • NeoChomik 6.1.2015
    I think spending time on Snarf would be a good way of checking if Scamatoon learnt something from his Scam experience. If he gets along, maybe Occams could unban his previous account and all. And if he decides to go old ways. Well... I think the consequences were already laid out.
  • abrotons 6.1.2015
    well, as I've been mentioned below, I have to say that:
    1- I've never atacked anybody
    2- I've been attacked more than once.
    3- I posted 11000 times that I love Veronique.
    4- I still love her.
  • OccamsRayzor 6.1.2015
    Snarf (aka scamatoon), listen up.
    Firstly, I don't think you understand what spam is, if you think abrotons ever posted any.

    Secondly, Zoltar isn't banned, but all of his many sock puppet accounts are.

    Thirdly, the reason your "tribute to my boy paco" was deleted, is because it was an anonymous strip that used another person's library item. You know damned well that can't be done without a deliberate attack on site security.

    Now you've created a new account called Snarf, so you can either get over yourself and start making strips, or you can continue whining. There are two things you need to note, though:
    1 - This Snarf account is not a sock puppet account, because you don't have any others that I'm aware of. Don't create any more and you'll be fine.
    2 - If you steal library items, attack individuals, or otherwise break the Terms Of Service, you know what will happen.
  • Tproductions 6.1.2015
    No problem man, i can't falsely accuse someone for something because i can't prove it..
    So you may be innocent, you may not be.. I don't know..
    But i'm pretty sure that Occam has his reasons for banning you..
  • Tproductions 6.1.2015
    Well in those 4 strips i can't see any item you could've stolen..
    But it doesn't mean that you could've been stealing items before...

    edit: as i said i don't know you and haven't seen any of your old strips..

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  • Tproductions 6.1.2015
    Well i have seen more violence strips if i remember...
    And the people you attack in those strips seem to be okay with it...
  • Tproductions 6.1.2015
    Well i don't know you or don't remember you so i don't know what you did what got you banned...

    And i can only guess what abro did, probably comment spam or something...
  • Tproductions 6.1.2015
    Oh oke, didn't know that :)
  • Tproductions 6.1.2015
    He could be joking..
  • OccamsRayzor 6.1.2015
    First of all, there are very few reasons a user will be banned. Posting of spam will earn you an instant ban, and it will be permanent. Malicious persecution of individuals will get you banned. Constant flouting of the SG terms of service will get you banned, if warnings are not heeded, and that's about it.

    There have, however, been several instances in which individuals have exploited bugs in the code to steal library items from others, and to disable functionality of other's accounts. That is the case here, and it will not be tolerated.

    The ex-user creating these current anonymous strips is the individual known as Scamatoon (or someone acting on their behalf). Scamatoon was banned for repeatedly attacking others, generally stirring up trouble, using multiple sock puppet accounts, and for stealing library items from non-friends.

    The strips I deleted were anonymous strips that consisted entirely of my own library items, which can only be achieved by exploiting a bug in the site's security. That is clearly an infringement of the terms of service. I don't have much "power" on this site at all. I can't fix the code to prevent such abuses, but I can remove any instances that come to my attention.

    I have a fairly thick skin, and can take a fair amount of criticism. I'm also no fan of censorship. This strip, for example, will remain because even though it's clearly meant to portray me, it doesn't name any individual and doesn't use any stolen library items.

    Thanks to those who still offer encouragement and support.
  • qenene 6.1.2015
    Can you describe the content of those non offensive strips deleted?
  • NeoChomik 6.1.2015
    If you got banned, you probably earned it.

    If Occams is abusing power to you... Boy you DO NOT remember when Zoltar had the seat. THAT was abuse of power. But, that irrelevant to matter at hand.

    as for removing strips? I dunno, maybe he thought that the strips got re-published over and over ( there is this bug here on site again.) or simple mistake ( after all he is human like most of us). We won't know untill Occams explain on his own. Or mayb it's not even his doing but someone else's? WHAT A CONSPIRACY.

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  • Tproductions 6.1.2015
    I don't think you should hit Occam like this..
    I agree with Craig and asfaltocaldo..

    How can an anonymous btw make strip replies?

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  • craigdragon 6.1.2015
    I don't think you're being very fair. Ever since Occy volunteered to put in his time maintaining this site, it's been a lot of fun, and it's certainly been an improvement compared to how it was a few years ago. I also agree with asfaltocaldo, if you hide by being anonymous, your arguments do not deserve to be given a response. Just food for thought.
  • Erwinator 6.1.2015
    I think ,you should talk to Occam to try to solve this problem in stead of doing this.

    Or if it is possible an opinion of an another admin/mod here if they are still active...

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  • asfaltocaldo 6.1.2015
    site administrators not being in a position to handle with its life it's a blessing one of us has been giving away his time to help solve problems arising here.

    posting strips as anonymous is an option offered by the site and can be done in many different ways.
    I chose anonymous strips as my avatars this week to show nice and beautiful works made by artists who chose anonymity.
    on the other hand this opportunity can be used as weapon to hit someone without being identified, a very mean and coward choice.

    if you do not identify yourself your not relating to anyone here, then in my view you do not deserve any answer.

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