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anonymous on 3. Jan, 2015 — Lang: No text

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  • mangoh 5.1.2015
    anonymous wins again
  • Fabiolars 5.1.2015
  • qenene 5.1.2015
    @Vero y Asfaltocaldo, I've nothing to do with this. (No fui yo)
    But obviously is someone regular from here.
  • craigdragon 4.1.2015
    Wow! You don't see this every day. Congratz anonymous!
  • Elgar 4.1.2015
    It's not the first time. Strips made by anonymous are getting bribed time to time. And I guess it's not someone new.... just someone who don't want his/her signature there :) Anyway... CONGA! :D I like the idea based on strips made by Asfaltocaldo....and also the name play :)
  • paco_de_pinda 4.1.2015
    congratz Annonymous! Even through this is not your first bribe.
  • MIGY 4.1.2015
    Funny !
  • asfaltocaldo 4.1.2015
    Nikki yo también!
  • Veronique 4.1.2015
    hehe pensé que era un trabajo de qenene XD
  • wich 4.1.2015
    Killed it - I've been here 7 years and this is probably the first time that anonymous gets bribed - legendary!!!!!!
  • ibe 4.1.2015
  • Tproductions 4.1.2015
    Wow, i can't remember ever seeing an anonymous getting bribed..
    and i've been here for 5 years almost x)

    This is just brilliant!

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  • Erwinator 4.1.2015
    Who is this? Its also bribed!!0.0
    Make an account!
  • Fabiolars 3.1.2015
    It´s amazing :D . But we not meet the autor , it´s sad :(

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  • Tproductions 3.1.2015
    I wonder who it is!
    If he/she isn't a member of SG yet, he or she should be!

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  • asfaltocaldo 3.1.2015
    fine and pretty!
    no, Tp, it's not me!
  • Tproductions 3.1.2015
    pretty cool!

    Are you maybe asfaltocaldo?

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