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Ant Hill: Page 15

benjamin895 on 18. Dec, 2014 — Lang: English

Ant Hill: Page 15
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    Page 15

    This strip is a reply to Ant Hill: Page 14



    I'm sorry about your parents Eric.

    Thanks Sebastian.

    What on earth was little blue, now to do?
    I wish as i write this,
    i could tell you he pulled through.
    But this little ant now,
    had a slightly different world view.
    His eyes, sad and subdue.

    Yes, he was true blue. Through and through.
    But would he one day, out of the blue,
    much like a kangaroo,
    have to resort to, but not to conform to.
    Pursue a path that would take him to.
    No, not Timbukto or kathmandu.
    But a place with no queue, yet,
    still have to push through.
    The dark blue hue that hovers over his
    heart and be born, anew.

    A new ant that his parents knew,
    was long, long.. overdue.

    ants, childrens, book, story, time
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