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Did no one think to find it before?

Flamingdeath on 16. Dec, 2014 — Lang: English

Did no one think to find it before?
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    Seriously, shouldn't they have gone over WHERE the gem vault was before trying to break in? That would've saved about five minutes from the way Mr. Freeze is going about it. He'll be checking that map every couple seconds to double check his route.



    Just pick up any stragglers, 'kay Frosty?

    I'm looking for the directory.

    Man, did you hear those? Sounded like gun shots!

    Let's go check the entrance!


    Well, that's convienient.

    Now boys, go lead the others to the plant exibit.


    Exibit Guide

    Okay, next to the Hall of African tribal masks, past the prehistoric fish...

    Okay, this way, and if I find a Picasso I've missed it.


    Keep yer glasses on! He said to give them a few minutes.

    He never said how may minutes.

    Let's just head in anyway.

    Yeah okay.

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