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The wacky, marvelous, get-rich-now scheme

Flamingdeath on 12. Dec, 2014 — Lang: English

The wacky, marvelous, get-rich-now scheme
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    I had fun making this like I did.
    So, anyone enter GoK yet? :)



    If you would step into the back...

    Set for life?!

    Be able to pay off anybody...

    I need that diamond.

    Crime on Christmas.

    I am Holiday.

    So, have I piqued your interest?

    Set for life?! I'm in!

    I accept your...proposal.

    Yes, but...why did you include me instead of Catwoman?

    Catwoman is who would be expected...and I don't trust her for this.

    Now, the Gotham Museum is here. The Diamond is set to arrive in three days at 4am SHARP!

    Our intel doesn't know exactly where in the jewel exibit the diamond will be, so the objective is just get in, find it, get out, avoid the Bat.

    What is it we're doing?

    Lawton, you're on outside gaurd detail. Clear our path and stop reinforcements.

    Easy enough.

    Ivy, you take care of the gaurds inside.

    Freeze, you'll need to open the jewel vault, and gaurd it till we get the diamond.

    Can do.


    Calender, Holiday, you're with me in the vault. We'll find it faster with three of us looking.

    Makes sense.

    This could work.

    Penguin, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Calender Man, Holiday, Deadshot, Gotham, Winterfell Diamond, Game Of Thrones, SG FOR LIFE
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  • Pen_alias 13.12.2014
    The holly and the poison ivy...
  • Drachir 13.12.2014
    You can run, you can run,
    Tell my friend-boy Willie Brown.
    You can run, you can run,
    Tell my friend-boy Willie Brown.
    And I'm standing at the crossroads,
    Believe I'm sinking down.
  • NeoChomik 13.12.2014
    Ah penguin and his schemes.
  • asfaltocaldo 13.12.2014
    just let me think it over
    nice narration structure :)
  • tyronecarino100 13.12.2014
    Very nice.
  • craigdragon 12.12.2014
    Not quite yet.:>)
  • cirkuz 12.12.2014
    very good comic design...
    and no i haven't Gok'd yet
  • abrotons 12.12.2014

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