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Game of Kill 2!

Flamingdeath on 11. Dec, 2014 — Lang: English

Game of Kill 2!
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    No time. In class. Talk later!



    Image of charecter

    Age (optional)
    Race (ex. demon, human, robot, etc. No immortals)

    Bio (optional)
    Strenghts and weaknesses (also otional)
    Other basic stats

    Character insignia/ symbol/ trademark/ calling card (last time you needed a Kill Count. Now make a mark for yourself)

    So, big news, SECOND GAME OF KILL!

    The start date will be most likely within the first week of January. You have until about the last week of December to strip reply your charecter sheet.

    If you need a reminder of what you have to include, here you go.

    If you need a reminder of how we play, there are three types of people in the Game.

    There's me, the Game Commisioner, the Gamemaster, and the Players. The Gamemaster is usually picked out of the Players before the Game officially starts.

    Game Commisioner

    Game Master


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