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We are the world, we are the cube!

wich on 11. Dec, 2014 — Lang: No text

We are the world, we are the cube!
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  • MadameCercle 13.12.2014
    * * *
  • Drachir 13.12.2014
    I'm in a cube land
    I dig with cold hands
    I use these tools to try and climb out of this mess I've made
    I'm in a cube land
    My castle's so grand
    And once I lay these tracks I'll finally make my escape
  • qenene 12.12.2014
    Much more easy to map the world if it were like this.
  • wich 12.12.2014
    Thanks guys

    @MISISIS - it ain't the moon, it's the sun and it's really far! :D
  • MISISIS 12.12.2014
    Nice moon
  • asfaltocaldo 12.12.2014
    a smart bribed, conga!
  • Brezhoneg 12.12.2014
    EXCELLENT !!!!
  • Tproductions 12.12.2014
    Great work Wich!
  • Fabiolars 12.12.2014
    I guess that in SG made strip with cubes is theme these days.

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  • Veronique 11.12.2014
  • JRMarklin 11.12.2014
    Imagine a ship crossing the Atlantic
    Imaginense un barco cruzando el Atlantico
  • asfaltocaldo 11.12.2014
    a new perspective...

    great job on the continents' outlines

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  • Flamingdeath 11.12.2014
    You know we livin' in a
    8 bit world
    We side scrolling' in this
    8 bit world
    Collecting coins in a
    8 bit world
    We next level
  • craigdragon 11.12.2014
    Very nice!
  • Elgar 11.12.2014
    Like! :)
  • tyronecarino100 11.12.2014
    Cube Simulator! Nice!
  • brtnick 11.12.2014
    so not flat, not round, but cubic!
    science still moves...

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