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Belgian fiasco

brtnick on 29. Nov, 2014 — Lang: English

Belgian fiasco
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    sorry for a grammer and lang. mistakes. short on time...
    i forgot.. thnx Neinire for the narrator

    This strip is a reply to Contest- Belgium




    Belgium...when do you thing we'll get to London?

    shut up and drive..
    Hey, watch out
    for a bike!
    they're everywhere

    but no cars yet..
    poor country

    or underdeveloped

    gotta be, don't they still have a king?

    stuck in 19th century or something..

    TURN AROUND! i have a great busines idea. fuck London..
    drive to czech and back here

    We will bring the future,
    we'll bring the progress
    to this godforsaken country.

    and the miracle is:


    they may make me a president

    we'll be rich. like a Jr. Ewing, like a Rockefeller

    we gonna be printed
    on money

    just like
    a royal family

    you and your
    stupid ideas..

    what you are mouning at?
    without me you would have to pay in every bloody gasthouse we went past

    next time don't eat every rubbish you find. someone else left it in a bin probably for a good reason..

    But because of communist propaganda they sometimes got a wrong impression about western world and its needs
    So the next month...

    Czech people are well known as a clever, smart and golden handed
    So the next day...

    in the early nineties, many czechs in theirs Skoda 120,
    only the car they could have,
    left to work in England as a au pair, the only job they could get.
    So one day...

    Belgium must be exciting and beatifull sunny piece of land, but chzech newspapers those days was for some reason full of Soviet union, USA, Nord Korea, Romania and Cuba.
    Belgium for sure is the country your dreams come true.

    belgium, czech, toilete
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