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Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave pg 4

NeoChomik on 22. Nov, 2014 — Lang: Polski

Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave pg 4
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    I took me ages to get to the series again... and here it is!



    Now, that my beer dehydration is take care of, we can go take that guy

    speak for yourself. That gecko meat was far from satisfying my hunger...

    Heh... I almost feel sorry for taking that job... it's all too easy...


    ... I missed... I never miss... time to go...

    what the fu-!

    Run that fucking V.A.T.S Thingamajing you got and see if it senses anyone nearby.

    Nope. Whoever tried to shoot us down is out of reach now.

    The guy, that escaped my rifle... That's a first time, that ever happened in my career.

    And that 3rd beer sure helped your aim...

    shut up Neo. I don't have to be sobber to hit your fucking face.

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