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Character Drawing Tutorial

Khanis on 22. Nov, 2014 — Lang: English

Character Drawing Tutorial
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    Since I learnt a lot from my last attempt at drawing a manga character I decided to make a tutorial about how to draw characters generically speaking.

    One more tip is to avoid using white squares to "erase" lines on the outline stage because it will cause too much problems on the coloring stage, which is not covered in this tutorial



    Character Drawing Tutorial

    First thing is to work on the shapes to get the volume of the body

    I usually pick elipses and rectangles with a slight transparency, so that I can "build" the image overlapping the shapes

    After this you can draw over the shapes with a line segment.

    I like to use the curve shape because of it's flexibility. It can be a line or a curve depending on the width, and it ends smoothly

    The good thing about rectangles is that they can be resized to be as shallow as a line, as opposed to the square

    Then you group the images on the sketch and maybe save on library to work the rest later

    Now you overlap the grouped sketch with a transparent white square, so that you don't move the sketch while drawing the final outline, it works as a layer!. (However, most probably you'll acidentally move that white square a lot, and it get's on the way during selection)

    Finally, delete the white square and the background sketch. There it is!

    Overall shape




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