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Contest- Belgium

Erwinator on 18. Nov, 2014 — Lang: English

Contest- Belgium
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    Well, I get the question a lot since I live on the border if I'm German or Flemish. :P Of course, like you know, I'm not.
    (although the province I live in is actually divided over Netherlands and Belgium, but that's since 1839? )

    Some time ago, they got the prize for the most boring country ever.
    To be honest, they don't earn it in my opinion. Ok, they can be weird, but every strange unknown country/regio is that to some.
    Belgium is actually very interesting. But what do you know about Belgium? :)

    So the rules are simple:
    -You make a Belgian strip in a funny, beautiful, interesting, weird (What you want! ) but respectfull way . :)
    - The strip will be a reply to this one .
    - You only use your own elements
    -The contest ends around 1 December
    -I hope I can give the results very fast. :)



    Belgium Contest

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