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Some Mug...

NeoChomik on 15. Nov, 2014 — Lang: Polski

Some Mug...
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    Perhaps it's the tainted souls that makes drinks taste better.



    The Chalice of Ulkair. There are legends covering this artifact. Some of them are forgotten by time itself. Some circulate around it up to this day...

    It' is said that the Chalice is cursed. Wherever this chalice was present. Bloodshed or war followed soon enough.

    Some say, that whoever drank from this chalice, could win every battle. That throws some light of who was the owner of the Chalice over the years

    Origins of the Artifact are unknown. Some say that the demon Ulkair created the Chalice himself out of skull and souls of those, who dedicated their lives to chaos and destruction.

    The current location of Chalice remains a mystery. Some say it got destroyed ages ago. Some say, that Chalice still exists somewhere. Some say that Chalice never existed in the first place.

    But with legends such as this one, the truth might never be found...

    Hey! Isn't that MY mug?

    Meh... you rarely use it. Besides, my beer tastes 10 times better when i use it...

    NeoChomik, Rudevald
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