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Arturo the gorilla

Scales on 12. Nov, 2014 — Lang: English

Arturo the gorilla
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    Just a comment on the tyranny of offence. The idea that people have a right to not be offended. Offence is used to control what people can say.
    I would rather be offended a hundred times by what you say than to give you the right to shut me up even once.
    You can either have freedom of speech or freedom from offence, but you can't have both.



    There's a problem.

    What now?

    It seems that some people were offended by the last comic strip.


    Well, you wrote in a poop joke. Some people don't like that kind of thing.

    Jeez, it was just a joke.

    The lawyers would like to speak to you.


    I would suggest that you bring a lubricant.

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  • Scales 14.11.2014
    @JRMarklin: I disagree. If I do not have the right to say offensive things then I do not have freedom of speech. It is a well established principle in law that the legal protection of speech is intended to protect offensive speech because non-offensive speech does not need to be protected. In other words, if what I say does not offend anyone why would it need to be protected?

    No estoy de acuerdo. Si yo no tengo el derecho de decir cosas ofensivas entonces no tengo la libertad de expresión. Es un principio bien establecido en la ley que la protección jurídica de expresión tiene por objeto proteger el discurso ofensivo porque el discurso no ofensiva no necesita ser protegido. En otras palabras, si lo que digo no ofender a nadie, ¿por qué lo necesita para estar protegido?
  • JRMarklin 13.11.2014
    I believe that freedom should not extend to offenses
    Yo creo que la libertad no se debe extender a las ofensas
  • Fabiolars 13.11.2014
  • Scales 13.11.2014
    @35sheep: Dang it! I completely forgot about the beard.
  • Veronique 12.11.2014
  • asfaltocaldo 12.11.2014
    what do lawyers and protozoa have in common? both have some chance of becoming someday human beings
  • craigdragon 12.11.2014
  • Crazyzee 12.11.2014
    Funny stuff! I like the characters and the subject matter. I also like any jokes about lawyers.
  • 35sheep 12.11.2014
    The beard is gone?
  • 35sheep 12.11.2014
  • TitiVonTranz 12.11.2014
    True! XXX
  • abrotons 12.11.2014
  • MIGY 12.11.2014
    I like the gorilla more & more, looks funny ;)

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