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Robot contest results

Elgar on 7. Nov, 2014 — Lang: Česky

Robot contest results
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  • richard_burkhart 9.5.2017
    Annnnd another time I wish I could have been there.
  • deadlycrossover 8.2.2015
    that robot is insanely good
  • gregheffleydude1 6.12.2014
  • asfaltocaldo 9.11.2014
    conga on bribed too!
  • wich 9.11.2014
    kdybych to věděl, tak bych se taky zůčastnil :/ :D
  • TitiVonTranz 8.11.2014
    Great announcement strip! QR codes are something that I know nothing about, so thanks for the link! (I live in 1931 at the moment...). XXX
  • stihl 8.11.2014
    amazing, favs :)
    and congratulations on brib of course
  • Khanis 8.11.2014
    Thanks, Congratz to all the participants and to the contest host!
  • Elgar 8.11.2014
    Thanks :)
  • Erwinator 8.11.2014
    Interesting way to show the results indeed! Great job!:)
  • asfaltocaldo 8.11.2014
    original contest result strip idea, well done image as always, great choice as for the winner

    conga to Khanis, interesting new SG artist, and to all participants, great entries!
    and conga of course to you Elgar too, for hosting this great contest :)
  • Fredrick 8.11.2014
    congratz to the winner! and superb robot!:)
  • craigdragon 8.11.2014
    And the winner is...Elgar!?! I knew this was rigged! J.K;>) Congratz to the winner!
  • Fabiolars 8.11.2014
    I need scan this qr code? :)
  • JRMarklin 8.11.2014
    Become the man machine actually?
    Llegará a ser realidad el hombre máquina?
  • Crazyzee 8.11.2014
    The robot speaks a new language. Cool.
  • Elgar 7.11.2014
  • abrotons 7.11.2014
    in vulgar Spanish, a monster is somebody who is very very good at what he does
  • Elgar 7.11.2014
    No, I'm not :P you have to look a bit closer and around the strip
  • abrotons 7.11.2014
    elgar is a monster

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