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Defense protocol engaged

NeoChomik on 23. Oct, 2014 — Lang: No text

Defense protocol engaged
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  • Crazyzee 8.11.2014
    Bigger than a Magnum! Go ahead, make my day...This is nice work.
  • begbie 3.11.2014
    Is this a robot version of Clint Eastwood ? As if the human version wasn't badass enough. Favd!

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  • craigdragon 24.10.2014
    I love the cape! Faved!
  • scorpion6782 24.10.2014
    Very cool!
  • EdWilder 23.10.2014
  • Erwinator 23.10.2014
    nice: D cool style indeed ^^
  • rocky 23.10.2014
    I always like your work :)
  • cirkuz 23.10.2014
    classic neo style
    and yes you are good enough...
  • asfaltocaldo 23.10.2014
    great robot - good dynamism and detail, like also the bground choice, adds atmosphere
    and I love your style :)
  • Flamingdeath 23.10.2014

    But why does a robot need a handgun? Not saying it's bad, in fact it makes it more awesome...but why?

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