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Magic Beard!

jaaykaay on 1. Sep, 2014 — Lang: English

Magic Beard!
  • Description

    A Sad Story...
    [*Stay Away From Strangers*]



    OMG! You Should Shave. You Look Like The Wanted Axe Murderer....

    Its A Vanishing Beard, It Vanishes When You're Looking At It!

    Oh Cool..

    So... Has It Vanished?

    Not Yet...

    magic beard, funny, axe murderer, wanted, dacoit, joke, about to die, fred, like
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  • calm 2.9.2014 the beard! :-)
  • Scales 1.9.2014
    Yes, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.
  • qenene 1.9.2014
    So we can learn from this: if something looks like a tree, maybe... maybe it's a tree!
  • NBSloth 1.9.2014
  • Elgar 1.9.2014
    It works! :D

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