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A Boring Day In Strip Generator.

tyronecarino100 on 30. Aug, 2014 — Lang: English

A Boring Day In Strip Generator.
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    My new strips weren't commented yet...



    Such a boring day in Strip Generator... No one commenting my new strips yet... Also no thumbs up!!!

    Very boring...

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  • tyronecarino100 31.8.2014
    Well, my character is actually Dibunt's, But my character has a different body.
  • Piyomon 31.8.2014
    Sorry but your character is dibunt's account character :/
  • rodoma 31.8.2014
    haha a boring day
  • lindsfsf6666 31.8.2014
    Vet'Affaires - Vêt'Affaires : les chaussures pas chères
  • lindsfsf6666 31.8.2014
  • firelordA2 31.8.2014
    ye dem feels
  • abrotons 31.8.2014
    in Spain it is said: "el que no llora no mama!!"...hehe
  • julian724 31.8.2014
    ima get my school on sg so let the fun begin
  • paco_de_pinda 30.8.2014
    Conga on the bribe. I'm not around on SG lately, but I think SG is temporarily boring because people think it is boring. When some fun times happen in a row, more people get back for a longer time. SG would need to step out of the circle.

    But of course if only your strips are not really commented on, then Cirkuz's advise applies here.
  • tyronecarino100 30.8.2014
    yay! My first bribed strip!
  • craigdragon 30.8.2014
    Well, at least you got a bribe mate! Cirkuz does have a point though.
  • tyronecarino100 30.8.2014
    @cirkuz Well thats because strips have more thumbs up then mine.
  • abrotons 30.8.2014
    hi!! one more comment and like!!
  • cirkuz 30.8.2014
    thats because you refuse to comment and rate others
    no surprise there huh...
  • jaaykaay 30.8.2014
    hehehe.. happens...
  • MadameCercle 30.8.2014
    Trop dur.

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