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Project part 1

jpvc on 27. Aug, 2014 — Lang: Espanol

Project part 1
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    Part 1 of the project English 3

    Names: Andrés Rocha
    Juan Pablo Vasquez
    NRC: 534



    I want to be a professional basketball player

    Jajaja loser! you are idiot, that's impossible

    I have been to practicing basketball all my life, i know i can do it

    Mom i wan to travel to USA to play professional basketball

    No! You have to study and don´t be losing the time whit games

    Dad please let me got to USA i know i can be a good player

    I have no money to pay for travel. get it

    Hey brother let´s go to USA to be professional basketball players

    When do we go?

    One month from today

    My dad supports us and he will borrow the money


    We finally arrived to USA

    Yeah it was a long trip

    We are making the test to be part of the Miami Heat in two days

    Let´s practice a little bit before the test

    Good idea!

    The first test going to be the dribbling its individual

    The 3 of you are te new members of the Miami Heat.

    Comic, inglés
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