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Ant Hill: Page 12

benjamin895 on 27. Jul, 2014 — Lang: English

Ant Hill: Page 12
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    Page 12

    This strip is a reply to Ant Hill: Page 11



    ..They're gone.

    Are you down there? MUUUM! Can you hear me?



    ..Where are you?

    Little blue returned to Ant Hill, but it wasn't as he remembered it.
    The silence had become so loud, i would never ever, recommend it.
    He searched high. He serched low.
    But the pain in his heart, he could never out grow.
    Where were his parents, the ants of Ant Hill?
    Eric pondered for a moment.. Before time, had stood still.

    ant, hill, blue, little, mum, dad, fear, sadness, loss, hope
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  • stihl 30.3.2020
    The ant is always sad?
  • NeoChomik 29.7.2014
    maybe they went to look for him?
  • calm 29.7.2014
    Hooray and congrats! :-)
  • cirkuz 28.7.2014
    are there aardvarks in the area?
  • opeluna1 28.7.2014
    oh boy...
  • benjamin895 28.7.2014
    thanks guys:)
  • craigdragon 27.7.2014
    I hate wasps....for real. I was stung by one a couple of days ago. It hurt.
  • calm 27.7.2014
    Poor little fellow! :-(

    ~Love..."The silence has become so loud, I would never ever recommend it."
  • Veronique 27.7.2014
  • Maoriman 27.7.2014
  • abrotons 27.7.2014
    it depends
    some are luckier than others
  • benjamin895 27.7.2014
    err.. dunno mate. not long after they visit our kitchen thats for sure;)
  • Maoriman 27.7.2014
    How long do ants live anyway...

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