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Cheesy Poofed Pt.2

big_baby_huey on 27. Jul, 2014 — Lang: English

Cheesy Poofed Pt.2
  • Description

    Stone Cold is still struggling with his identity crisis but Jackass can't see to help him.



    Godammit! What did you do to me?!

    Me?! I didn't do anything, I just got here. Why are you yelling at me like Cartman?!

    Did you fall asleep during a South Park marathon or something?

    No you dirty hippie! Satan turned me into Cartman...are you blind?!

    Tsk, Tsk, such a potty mouth for someone your age...and such an active imagination.

    I hate you Satan.

    calling in dead, Satan, 2nd Class Production, south park, cartman, Funny, Humor, cheesy poofed
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