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The Hell's Serpents part 3

Similau on 26. Jul, 2014 — Lang: English

The Hell's Serpents part 3
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    Took me hours to finalise my idea, but voila! I did it! Hence continues the series. Hope you will enjoy.

    This strip is a reply to The Hell's Serpents part 2



    Mister Simmons...

    Mister Simmons, are you listening?

    Oh! Apologies, I was lost in my mind.

    Well, you have decided to confess about your past. Even if I appreciate to hear your confession, what pushed you to do so? Guilt, fear?

    Well, a lot of events changed my life to the point of putting it in danger, thus forcing me to confess to the IP...

    These events, started 3 years ago, yet again by one of the numerous visits the detective Stephen Lindsey. Formerly a great friend from the help I gave to fight crime at his side, Stephen quickly tried to find every means to arrest me ever since I expanded my hired hitman. But this visit was not like the others...

    Similau, Lawrence Simmons, Snake, Hells Serpents
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