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Excessive Thinking!

shaikhchilly on 24. Jul, 2014 — Lang: English

Excessive Thinking!
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  • Maoriman 26.7.2014
    That can not be healthy!
  • CherryNutty 25.7.2014
    its kinda weird that maybe i should be the one to make this strip... cause thats me
  • CherryNutty 25.7.2014
    lol i have a strip just like this
  • Scales 24.7.2014
    When it gets like that it's best if you just write down all that you've figured out and come back to it later. I like to grab my crayons and sit inside by a window and color.
  • cirkuz 24.7.2014
    better stay back in case her head blows up...
  • abrotons 24.7.2014 happens
  • calm 24.7.2014
    Ah, CN had better move! Looks like SC's having a meltdown! :-)

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