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Ant Hill: Page 10

benjamin895 on 23. Jul, 2014 — Lang: English

Ant Hill: Page 10
  • Description

    Page 10

    This strip is a reply to Ant Hill: Part 9



    Where were they? What was to come to come next?
    They sat in a cold dark place. Two little ants.
    They were deeply, complexed.
    Held by the big bad Wasp Clan.
    They were held against thier will.
    They feared for thier safety. They missed, Ant Hill.

    It's ok. i'll get us out of here.

    I know my love... But.


    The hive is where they were. Eric was far away.
    If only they could hold him, and help him on his way.
    But Eric was lost in adventure, unaware of the world.
    He had a new friend and together,
    they hurled, swirled and twirled.

    ant, hill, kids, adventure, fun, hive, trapped
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  • stihl 30.3.2020
    Very nice
  • benjamin895 26.7.2014
    @opeluna.. i will thankyou:)

    can't wait to see your work again!
  • opeluna1 24.7.2014
    Congratz Benjamin, say hello to your kids for me, please
    I will draw something for them over the weekend ;)
  • Veronique 24.7.2014
    Congratulations Benji!
  • calm 24.7.2014
    Hip Hip Hooray! Congrats, B895! :-)
  • NeoChomik 24.7.2014
    he seems to not mind.
  • benjamin895 24.7.2014
    thanks again guys. so happy you have stopped by:)
  • TitiVonTranz 24.7.2014
    Great! Nice to see you back & continuing the story! XXX
  • benjamin895 24.7.2014
    Thanks everyone:)

    Work and home commitments have kept me pretty busy the last few months but sooo happy to be back!

    @calm.. thankyou for those kind words. Let the adventure continue!
  • calm 23.7.2014
    OMG! I know I have said it before, but I am such a huge fan of yours, B895! You been blessed with incredible artistic skills and you are a natural story teller. This is an amazing piece of work...Ant Hill!

    BTW--I was so happy to see mom and dad ant together...and so happy that Eric has Sebastian!

    Let the adventure continue! :-)
  • calm 23.7.2014
    Oh goodie! B895, you are back!

    Oh gosh...this looks amazing, but I think I need to start at the beginning. I will be back to comment more later!
    LIKED! :-)
  • cirkuz 23.7.2014
  • Quag54 23.7.2014
    NIce to have you back, my friend !
  • Elgar 23.7.2014
    Epic story writing! :) I can't help myself...but after playing the Stanley parable, I read everything in the "narrator voice" :D
  • craigdragon 23.7.2014
    I love this one!
  • opeluna1 23.7.2014
    master of suspense, finally page 10!
    so nice to see you around :)
  • thecomedyhen 23.7.2014
    Yay, been waiting for this
  • CherryNutty 23.7.2014
    very nice and detailed you must be a great cartoonist X3
  • Veronique 23.7.2014
    I love this little guys!
  • Veronique 23.7.2014
    Benji: Nice to see you!!!


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