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CrustyB on 19. Jul, 2014 — Lang: English

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    I've noticed that artistic strips are the ones that get high marks.






    Whereas comedic strips are generally ignored.


    It's a sex joke or whatever.

    No fancy swirls.

    I dislike cartoons without kittens.

    I tend to be comedic, m'self.


    So what happens to the comedians on StripGenerator? Do we just...


    ...fade away?

    Neat effect! Artistic!

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  • abrotons 23.5.2016
    ese comentario ha estado genial qnene
  • qenene 23.5.2016
    I love your anti victimized-lobbies sarcasm.
    Don't be one of them.
  • A2H 14.8.2015
    I feel you bro. As I'm not very artistic myself, I rely on humour to get thumbs up and sometimes it fails to measure up to artistic strips.

    However, I've had some good luck recently, with a lot of my comedy strips being bribed, so it's not hopeless for fellow comedians any longer.
  • NeoChomik 14.8.2015
    I wish i've seen this strip sooner. That is true 100%.
  • markmahem 30.12.2014
    I've always enjoyed your strips. Even without the "production value" that other strips might have, your strips had a wittiness and hilariousness that made me think the person behind the account must be an aspiring comedian!
  • Alexander05 20.7.2014
  • JUma 19.7.2014
    i like when both came together...
    but you right...
    i gess make new forms of another is more fun to do...
  • thecomedyhen 19.7.2014
    There arent enough comedy strips, i prefer comedy over art but still appreciate arty strips. I am a big fan of yours and hope you dont fade away :) i think the art strips thumbnails are just more attention grabbing so they get noticed more
  • TitiVonTranz 19.7.2014
    Some of the comedic ones get noticed, but a lot show neither humour, skill or design... I try to go through the new strips fairly regularly and like/comment on those that appeal to me, but to be honest a stock character shooting a turtle and a few swear words don't really make comedy to me? Good discussion point, though! (And I agree with Bart!). XXX
  • kdk1125 19.7.2014
    I like the batman one

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