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Matters of the heart #143

35sheep on 10. Jan, 2008 — Lang: English

Matters of the heart #143
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  • bluesockmonkey 13.7.2011
    very fun!
  • TittyTwister 12.1.2008
  • 35sheep 11.1.2008
    Was it? Then I made up a new word ... COOL! ;-)
  • Spigaw 10.1.2008
    Wasn't it "FLABARDAF"?
  • 35sheep 10.1.2008
    OK Asha!
  • ASHA 10.1.2008
    I approve of that you use our characters, but.... nothing love please.
    Before I did not know nothing, but hour that I know it they give annoyance. I have large I respect for the women !!!!!!!!!!
  • 35sheep 10.1.2008
    he he he - 'zapperdaf' is Spigaws invention, as I recall it, but I like it too, and use it regularly! :-)
  • ASHA 10.1.2008
    Oh not you mistakes, I do not love Platowe, but you Sheepi aaaaaaaaaaaha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Platowe has a woman, we must have all respect for she...................AMEN ha ha ha ha
  • Spigaw 10.1.2008
    Grihahaaaaa!!!! Excellent xD
  • Dorota 10.1.2008
    I don't know why but this word is amusing me
    zapperdaf :DDDDDDDDDD ahahaha

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