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wich zek do you like?

JUma on 6. Jul, 2014 — Lang: No text

wich zek do you like?
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  • areta 21.2.2016
  • rapunzel18 28.7.2014
  • cirkuz 8.7.2014
    the one with the crowns
  • Drachir 7.7.2014
    Come into the painting on the wall
    So the joker smiles
    Come into the painting on the wall
    No more crying
    Illusions let you in from the rain
    Follow Mr. Hopkins, get insane
  • beequeen 7.7.2014
    above left
  • JUma 7.7.2014
    the last one is red with a bunch of crowns =)
  • calm 6.7.2014
    They all serve a different purpose! The last one is the most interesting! I'd like to see what it was masked from! :-)
    Love that...zek for every one! So true! :-)
  • abrotons 6.7.2014
    all of them
  • julian724 6.7.2014
    and 1st
  • julian724 6.7.2014

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