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Nailed It!

shaikhchilly on 30. Jun, 2014 — Lang: English

Nailed It!
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  • CherryNutty 5.7.2014
  • craigdragon 2.7.2014
    It's what I'd do.;>)
  • JUma 30.6.2014
  • thecomedyhen 30.6.2014
  • calm 30.6.2014
    haha! Yes, that would get very annoying! :-)
  • Drachir 30.6.2014
    If I were a carpenter
    And you were a lady,
    Would you marry me anyway?
    Would you have my baby?

    If a tinker were my trade
    would you still find me,
    Carrying the pots I made,
    Following behind me.

    Save my love through loneliness,
    Save my love for sorrow,
    I'm given you my onliness,
    Come give your tomorrow.

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