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Grey Lightning Episode 5: The Office

DoctorWho on 29. Jun, 2014 — Lang: English

Grey Lightning Episode 5: The Office
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    Yes everybody, It's finally here! The next installment of Grey Lightning. In this episode, We finally see Maxwell Cannon's malicious face.
    This Episode is mainly a placeholder until Episode 6: The Discussion. Most likely Episode 6 will be coming within the week.
    Another note: There are only 4 more episodes left until the first season is over.

    This strip is a reply to Grey Lightning Episode 4: The Setback



    No doubt you're here for the codes, Lightning

    Well I'm sorry to dissapoint you but you won't be finding them any time soon

    The question is not why I didn't dispose of you a year ago when I had the chance...

    So what do you think?

    The real question is how I should dispose of you now

    Motivation is Might
    Might is Power
    Power is Motivation

    Firing squad or should I sick my puppies on you?

    Motivation is Might
    Might is Power
    Power is Motivation

    To Be Continued

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  • MadameCercle 14.3.2016
    * * *
  • calm 1.7.2014
    OK---Keep going with the story. You have my full attention! Thanks for the note below! :-)
  • DoctorWho 29.6.2014
    @calm, Thanks! The other 4 can be found in my Grey Lightning booklet if ur interested
  • calm 29.6.2014
    I have not read any of this series but the look of this strip is amazing!

    Looks like Maxwell Cannon is related to Donald Trump! :-)
  • stihl 29.6.2014
  • abrotons 29.6.2014
  • macimoar 29.6.2014
    I love it!!!
  • bceradsky 29.6.2014

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