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anonymous on 8. Jun, 2014 — Lang: English

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  • stihl 17.11.2014
    who the hell is making strips like this ?!
  • OccamsRayzor 23.6.2014
    Thanks for the words of support, guys. I try not to let anonymous whining like this bother me, but I have let this contest slip a bit, for sure. My health dramas kind of took precedence for a while, I'm afraid, but I'm aiming to get back on top of things very soon. There should be an announcement of winners in the next few days.
  • thecomedyhen 23.6.2014
    This is a very unfair statement , Occy has been working hard to get this place going again and things have improved a lot! What more can he do? He's even asking us for suggestions here

    Whats sad is that this strip was made by someone from the community, explain to me how posting something like this in anyway helps? Its rubbish like this that is keeping people away, i used to love coming here to kill some time and have a laugh but now it seems thats theres always someone attacking someone for no reason at all and i have to wade through so much trash and spam like this just to get a good strip.

    You should be grateful that Occy has put up with this for so long, majority of us would have quit by now.
  • EdWilder 8.6.2014
    Personally, I think OccamsRayzor has taken on a Herculean task, and a thankless one at that.
    I applaud his work and dedication.
    Remember: Those who can, do...those who can't, snipe.
  • Elgar 8.6.2014
    Yeah! Abrotons is right! First think before doin' anything
  • abrotons 8.6.2014
    you're quite stupid.. since Occams is here everything is better... why do you hide behind that anonymous shit?
    go fuck yourself motherfucker

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  • Elgar 8.6.2014
    Oh oh.... Stop it! World Health Organization knows, what's doing!

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