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qenene on 1. Jun, 2014 — Lang: English

Very Funny
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  • JRMarklin 8.6.2014
    The funny things are celebrated
    Las cosas graciosas se celebran
  • syke 2.6.2014
    Do you want some more wine, my Lord?
  • opeluna1 1.6.2014
    Otro muy bueno
  • Elgar 1.6.2014
    :D I'm glad, that Joffrey can say what's funny and what isn't
  • craigdragon 1.6.2014
  • Drachir 1.6.2014
    Cause I like you
    Yeah, I like you
    And I'm feelin' so bohemian like you
    Yeah, I like you
    Yeah, I like you
    And I feel, whoa whoo!

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