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Max loves to ask questions of dirty things.

anonymous on 18. May, 2014 — Lang: English

Max loves to ask questions of dirty things.
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    There was a boy called Max and he loved to ask questions. But those questions were not simple questions like do you like going to a zoo because of your kid but Do you like to go to zoo to poo and pee. He doesn't ask to his friends but to strangers. I think I wouldn't be like one of the strangers.



    Once upon a time there was a boy called Max and loved to ask people about dirty things.

    Have you ever
    farted when you were at the swimming pool?

    I think once i did

    double click to write...

    Have you ever farted during lessons and your friend heard it?


    Have you ever tried a poo for lunch and pee for a nice evening drink?

    No I didn't and i don't want to....

    Have you ever farted on a prson face especially to a girl?

    Of course not! because I'm a gentle man.

    Have you ever touched a poo of your parents

    BLEH! Do you wanna die!!!!!!!!!!

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