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Waiting for the Queen of Darkness.

abrotons on 24. Apr, 2014 — Lang: No text

Waiting for the Queen of Darkness.
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  • AverageGuy 17.3.2015
    there she is over in the black part!
  • MadameCercle 17.3.2015
    — Houlà !! ... vous venez là "sur invitation" ! !?
  • Neinire 16.3.2015
  • JUma 19.7.2014
    uao que bonita imagem
  • mrkaljbranko 6.6.2014
  • XD3 11.5.2014
    No te acerques al lado oscuro
  • calm 26.4.2014
    Unexpected, but so happy to see you back...sideburns and all! :-) I like the candle image in your glasses and glow all round you! I'll be interested to see the Queen of Darkness. :-)
  • abrotons 26.4.2014
  • tangramy 26.4.2014
    Wow nice work with light and dark
  • abrotons 26.4.2014
    Drachir: I like the words
  • Drachir 26.4.2014
    Well, I met her accidentally
    In a little discotheque
    And she acted oh so friendly
    To every fella that she met

    And her hair was hanging down
    Like a bright and silver [Incomprehensible]

    Little miss queen of darkness
    Dancing night and day
    Little miss queen of darkness
    Dancin', dancin' on
  • abrotons 25.4.2014
  • Veronique 25.4.2014
    es bello
  • Veronique 25.4.2014
    Es genial!
    me ha encantado la luz!
  • abrotons 25.4.2014
    I'll wait one more day
  • abrotons 25.4.2014
  • Scales 25.4.2014
    JRM may have a point.
  • JRMarklin 25.4.2014
    Maybe she does not come, because you've got a light
    Tal vez ella no llegue, porque tu tienes una luz
  • abrotons 24.4.2014
    ha ha Cirkuz!
  • cirkuz 24.4.2014
    i'm waiting for the queen of bags full of cash!

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