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Can You Kill A Shinigami?

craigdragon on 13. Apr, 2014 — Lang: No text

Can You Kill A Shinigami?
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  • MadameCercle 17.11.2014
    Ah !
  • abrotons 17.11.2014
  • Veronique 17.11.2014
    Good point!
    only reminds to REM when he died for Misa..
    poor REM...
  • craigdragon 17.11.2014
    @Vero: This is just showing that he can't die and that as long as he has an apple he's happy.:>)
  • abrotons 17.11.2014
    a mi me da vida y me mata a la vez
  • Veronique 17.11.2014
    Sí, el amor les mata...........
  • abrotons 17.11.2014
    pero no se puede, no?
  • Veronique 17.11.2014
    please no!!!
    shinigamis are my best friends!
  • Crazyzee 17.11.2014
    No...I'd just drop my gun and run! Very Cool and nice artwork!

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  • dewfilms 15.6.2014
    Ask Rem.
  • DonutNinja 19.4.2014
    'shinigami' means death-god in japanese.
  • Hydroxide 17.4.2014
    wats a shinigami?
  • cirkuz 14.4.2014
    very nice
  • Elgar 14.4.2014
    I can't...can you?
  • NeoChomik 14.4.2014
    you can't make death dead
  • Scales 14.4.2014
    According to wikipedia, a shinigami is is a Japanese death god or a death spirit. So this is like asking if you can kill the grimm reaper.
  • TitiVonTranz 13.4.2014
    No idea what a Shinigami is, but good work as usual! XXX
  • Azzie13 13.4.2014
    Depends on show.. In Bleach you can kill a shinigami
  • Veronique 13.4.2014
  • abrotons 13.4.2014
    it depends

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