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El energúmeno

abrotons on 29. Mar, 2014 — Lang: No text

El energúmeno
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  • abrotons 9.4.2014
    es que estaba muy muy enfadado
  • Veronique 9.4.2014
    jejeje tus tags!

  • cirkuz 31.3.2014
    nice effect
  • Veronique 30.3.2014
  • Fabiolars 29.3.2014
    Conozco a mucha gente de este tipo malhumorada.
  • abrotons 29.3.2014
    you're welcome
  • isaacstrong 29.3.2014
    oh...Thank you for telling me.
  • abrotons 29.3.2014
    isaac: energúmeno used to mean somebody who has been possed by a devil, currently it means somebody who is violent.
    This strip is for a man who doesn't respect his own daughter, and wants her to hate her mother.
  • isaacstrong 29.3.2014
    I only know English so i have no clue what anything says sorry. :( I love this strip,its Awesome!

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  • abrotons 29.3.2014
    Tit: muy loco y muy malo

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  • isaacstrong 29.3.2014
  • TitiVonTranz 29.3.2014
    El loco? ;-)

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