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SG, Contest isn't enough

wich on 21. Mar, 2014 — Lang: English

SG, Contest isn't enough
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  • syke 23.4.2014
    Damn so much happened here...if its not too late, i would like to say that you are a bunch of wonderful people, making great art and its more like family..
  • Brezhoneg 5.4.2014
    You're right.
  • MadameCercle 23.3.2014
    * * *
  • Fabiolars 22.3.2014
    Gracias Veronique. Aquí hay gente talentosa, nada más falta que difusión (creo que eso lo podemos hacer entre todos)
  • Veronique 22.3.2014
    Fabi, y lo haces muy bien!
    además eres muy culta, se nota!
    mi chica geek
  • Fabiolars 22.3.2014
    Antes dibujaba en papel. Pero por falta de tiempo lo deje. Aquí me da la oportunidad de hacerlo de manera diferente claro esta, pero me gusta mucho :D
  • Fabiolars 22.3.2014
    Me gusta mucho aquí. Pero a veces no tengo tiempo de ver todas las tiras que ustedes. Me he perdido tiras asombrosas :( Y claro gracias a la booklet de la semana conozco a creadores de tiras geniales.
  • Patrickfan9 22.3.2014
    great work!
  • Elgar 22.3.2014
    No.....nic mi tu nechybí....vše je spíše na komunitě....nebudu se tu rozepisovat, aby tě nebolely oči :D a taky proto, že už asi nedodám nic lepšího, než lidi pode mnou ;)
  • Veronique 22.3.2014
    I love SG!
  • Detective 22.3.2014
    I don't undrstand how can someone not care about site that is this awesome ?!
    Yes, i agree that its we ,the community, that should keep the site running but you can't expect something for nothing :/

    edited by owner

  • NeoChomik 22.3.2014
    @ WICH: Thanks for clarification, now i get your point.

    Still think that our community grew up and just dont have time for SG as much as they wanted to.
  • asfaltocaldo 22.3.2014
    wich, I'm glad you brought this issue to attention with this nice image and glad it got bribed.
    I remember you had already pointed this fact out in another strip some time ago, saying the SG was sort of boring and I think you were right also then.

    I'm convinced this nice place can be preserved by users themselves whether staff can or cannot do it, so (agree with Neo and you) it's also up to us to create and keep within it a friendly, cheerful and cooperative atmosphere - by doing all our best in our drawings, by proposing new ideas, by supporting other artists's ideas and proposals, by (as cirkuz said) welcoming newbies.

    I also miss many artists who are now absent. keeping a constant presence here is though hard being this place a charming time stealer, so I'd consider discontinuity here sort of physiological.
    some leave the place, others join in continuously: this is a vital sign for this site after all.

    agree with most of what's been said here.
  • cirkuz 22.3.2014
    maybe the main reason for the drop off that trouble makers cant get away with what they used to
    another is that the engine can confuse newbies and some may not want to get familiar how things work here
    and when was the last time some of you have checked newbies and welcomed them? a little welcome can go a long way just a "nice first strip" can build loads of confidence to make more strips and have them want to interact more...
    or some may see that it takes time to develop some skill and just dont want to be troubled with it all...
    the point is people are here because they want to be here to create or to do homework...yes some do homework here when they need some basic graphics then they leave to go spend their time at other sites, it happens...
    i know i'm not perfect here but i never claimed to be but i do support those that are on my friends list and i do try to welcome newbies if i cant understand them all of you know who i am because of what i do just as we all know each other because of what we do here...
    what we need to do is show others what we do here in ways of our actions to new comers and those that want to get better but may not know how to do it...
    share the knowledge! be a friend...
    then word of mouth will bring others here who wish to try their hand at strip making or hone their creative skills...
  • wich 22.3.2014
    Thank you for bribed. I know that SG is making the best to us and I'm glad that I can see here some new amitious artist, but when I came here about 6 years ago, people like ASHA, Dorota, Neo or MadameCercle were making so friendly place of SG and their strips were so amazing (eventhough they didn't have blue or other colours!!). So I think it's not in new things how you can make strips. It's about people who are full of life and they have to bring it here and share it through their strips.
  • TitiVonTranz 21.3.2014
    Of course, Angel! XXX
  • abrotons 21.3.2014
    we're friends Titi!
  • TitiVonTranz 21.3.2014
    I second abrotons: I've been amazed at how much I can express myself here, even though I can't draw with pen, pencil, etc. I know that it is quiet on here, but I think that there is a community spirit in SG too. Perhaps that is just because I'm relatively new, but I can see/feel it! XXX
  • NeoChomik 21.3.2014
    @Occams: obviously. At it current stage, many artist proves that the only limit is your own creativity and willpower( to make it happen) if someone finds it boring, perhaps he should try to play around. That's how i make strips most of times. It also might be that once people achieved all there is to it on both engine and community (gods and whatnot) they just dont find it as intresting.

    @opeluna1: Because it's peaceful nowadays, I can see Occams is trying to get that feeling alive, but it's up to us wether those attempts are successful or not.
  • opeluna1 21.3.2014
    Also the sense of community is lost

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