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merengue13 on 19. Mar, 2014 — Lang: English

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    A litle story about 2 friend those get want to get fun..



    Hi tony

    hi bil, how u doing?

    u know what i am really bored now, why we dont do something to get fun a?

    yea we could do something but what are you thinking about that we can do?

    i got an idea we can go to home an play videogames..

    that sounds great dude, what kind of games do u have now?

    hi got 2 new games Call of Dutty and FIFA 14 for my PS3, so we will get fun hah

    for real? OMG i am so exicited to hear tony, go to your home now..

    yeahhhh we finally arrive to your home lets play now...

    take it easy nigga, haha let me turning on the tv and the game haha

    thanks tony for invite me to play with u, we will get fun all the day XD

    ur welcome dude, ahah keep atention to the game a wanna kill you mercenary hah

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