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Oogly_Boogly_Boo on 4. Mar, 2014 — Lang: No text

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  • thecomedyhen 2.4.2014
    I like chickens
  • MrTerrorKiller 4.3.2014
    Ha! i really like that chicken!
  • Drachir 4.3.2014
    Chicken, chicken, you can't cluck too much for me.
    Chicken, chicken, now come down off of that tree.
    Chicken, chicken, chicken, you can't cluck too much for me.
    "C" is for the little chick
    "H" for the momma hen
    "I" cause I love that bird
    "C" for the cluck, cluck
    "K" for the Kackle, Kackle
    "E" and the little "N"
    That's the way to spell chicken
    That's my friend the chicken.
  • Erwinator 4.3.2014
    cool chicken! :)
  • abrotons 4.3.2014
    nice one

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