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The scramble for africa

Sleepy52 on 30. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

The scramble for africa
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    For humanities



    The scramble for africa

    Hey I need to go to the south africa because I need more land and wood

    Lets go to africa because they also have a lot of oil and minerals.



    Africa has a lot of minerals they also have a lot of land and wood.

    That is treasure baby that's my land whoooo

    Yo man tomorrow we are going to africa!!

    Lets go to africa!!

    Yesth sthir

    Lets go!!

    HAHA we are there and sleepy start chpping down the trees!

    We need to get the minerals as fast as we can!

    double click to write...

    Did you get all of the wood sleepy? and get me some slaves.

    Yes sir and I concerd most of south africa

    We have all of the minerals we are rich

    The end

    Whats up
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