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Enchanted Moon Tutorial

craigdragon on 19. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

Enchanted Moon Tutorial
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    Recently I was asked what my design was for moons, and so I made this tutorial. Hopefully you find it helpful. Also, thanks to O.C for the stary background. I love using it in my strips. (P.S: The hooded character is a new avatar of mine. You may or may not see him in a series).

    This strip is a reply to 3 moon`s!!!, Full Moon, Moon Over The Lake, EGG SHAPED MOON




    Mask this

    Here's a tutorial on how to make an enchanted moon. Blur the circles at the top left to 10% opacity. The secondary color can be whatever you want it to be. Next, grab as many of the squiggly shapes you think you'll need. I used 7 for the example to the right. Then I masked the shape indicated, shrunk it down and put it to 6% opacity. Then I added two of the bottom left shape ans set it to 10% opacity. Depending on the size of the moon and the effect you desire, the number of each shape will vary, other than the base circle. Enjoy!

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