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Mafia: the last one on board!

abrotons on 14. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

Mafia: the last one on board!
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    I'm lost.
    But I'm trying!!!
    Azzie's library building elements and Game Ticket by Azzie 13
    Red Skull by Veronique

    This strip is a reply to I don't get it yet, but I'll try!, Mafia 3 : Round 3, Aqua-man: 25th time is a Charm



    The whirling building! That's Azzi's library!!!
    And that's the guard.

    Who are you?
    What do you want?

    I'm Abrotons. I want a ticket for the Mafia game!

    I'll ask you a question. You'll get the ticket if your answer's right... but you'll die if you fail!

    Who is or has been the best pirate?

    There's not such a person. Pirates are bad, so the question is wrong. The best pirate is the worst one!!

    you're right. The ticket is yours.

    But I have a personal question. How can you be here if you're already on board?

    It must be my tween....


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