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Game of Kill: Loose ends

Flamingdeath on 10. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

Game of Kill: Loose ends
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    This was posted late due to....schedule conflicts. Me and one of my friends promised we'd watch up to episode 100 of a certain anime and I've been binge-watching on my tablet. (I seriously love that thing).
    So I now declare Game of Kill officially OVER!!!!!
    Julian's asked for a second game. This strip is sort of to set up a sequel, but you know the rule: The Game can never be played the same way twice. I've debated with myself as to whether that extends to who the Game Commisioner (me) is, but that isn't getting me anywhere.



    You know what this means, don't you? Someone knows.

    Correction, someone is close to knowing.

    I still don't know who else has seen this.

    Miss Death's Deadly Cafe, a place where people and animals go to relax without being judged.

    They serve brains, so you can tell the type of customers they tend to attract. The fact that Flamings' cousin runs the place is also a sign of the customers.

    Slow tonight, it's just me, a few Holiday Ninjas, and Kevin.

    So Kevin, why'd you call me here?

    The rules of Game of Kill plainly say Gamemaster is immune to death.

    Okay. And?

    Rule 762 article 56A sub-secton 90342 paragraph-

    Can we just skip that? Please?

    Any threats to the rules are to be reported to a person in command/charge/the loop.

    Here, that would be you.

    Okay then. What do you have to report?

    I found this. It had a photo sent from Bob.

    It's the "Death Flame", isn't it?

    Hold that thought...

    What are you doing?

    Making sure all the rules will be followed should a new game start.

    It doesn't matter. They'll be found.

    And with that, I end this.

    Game of Kill, Narrorator, Kity, Kevin, ninjas, Miss Death, cafe, Death Flame, symbol, rules
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  • Mirtika 13.1.2014
    I gotta say, I'm coveting that black and white Cafe awning...but I don't yet have the artsy skillz. (holiday ninja LOL)
  • Detective 11.1.2014
    Love it!
  • craigdragon 11.1.2014
    I like it!:>)
  • dadebomb123 11.1.2014
    a game of kill to get rid of those who survived the last one?
  • cirkuz 11.1.2014
    well done
  • Scales 11.1.2014
    Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and their always glad you came. You want to be where you can see people are all the same. You want to be where everybody knows your name.......Do they serve nachos?
  • NeoChomik 10.1.2014
    ending with cliffhanger... classy.
  • abrotons 10.1.2014
    nice place where you are not judged

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