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Cheesepizza on 10. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

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    How did you guys leard about STRIP GENERATOR?

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  • AverageGuy 17.4.2015
    had idea to make my comics online. Couldn't draw as well as I wanted so I found this through searching all over the web!
  • CherryNutty 10.7.2014
    dad was looking for a new hobby for me back then i used to draw comics
  • JRMarklin 4.5.2014
    Several years ago, I was looking for a software to draw comics, and several that I found, I was with SG that gives you more freedom to draw
    Hace varios años, yo buscaba un software para dibujar comics, y entre varios que encontré, me quedé con SG por que te da mas libertad para dibujar
  • kdk1125 21.3.2014
    my mom told me

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  • stihl 2.3.2014
    My mum told me !
  • BarbaqueBoy 4.2.2014
    Is that suposed to be heard
  • Cheesepizza 4.2.2014
    How did you find it @bugme
  • bugme 29.1.2014
    i went to stripgenerator, typed in username and password, put it on bugmenot (dot) com and bam, there you go
  • blackandredninja 29.1.2014
    mmmm DonutNinja help me
  • Erwinator 20.1.2014
    Milkman and Paco recommended it. :)
  • maxactioncomix 19.1.2014
    @Abrotons Whats the english name?
  • maxactioncomix 19.1.2014
    @CD XD
  • craigdragon 19.1.2014
    Same as benji:>p
  • abrotons 19.1.2014
    at school
    it's one of the recommended websites by the generalitat de catalunya
  • maxactioncomix 18.1.2014
  • Cheesepizza 18.1.2014
  • maxactioncomix 18.1.2014
    She made an acc and it was so fun making comics here i made my own acc :)
  • maxactioncomix 18.1.2014
    In school, I had to do a comic but i suck at drawing so my teacher found SG for me to use :)
  • Scales 10.1.2014
    I was on stumbleupon and found it mentioned in a Huffington post list called "Seven websites you should be wasting time on right now". It looked interesting so I played around with it for a bit and then signed up for an account.
  • benjamin895 10.1.2014
    all i heard was strip.. so i joined:D

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