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Easy lightsaber tutorial.

Scales on 7. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

Easy lightsaber tutorial.
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    I would have liked to have shared the lightsabers in my library but I can't save them so I can't share them. I still can't save anything to my library so, if it isn't already saved, I have to draw things from scratch.



    Easy lightsaber tutorial.

    Take a black square and streach it

    Use two of these little squares flattened out

    A second square fills the area between them. Use little squares to make buttons

    Copy and reverse. Adjust the size and placement of each piece and add blur.

    Make sure to place the buttons behind the rest of the handle or it won't looik right.

    Use two black half circles, one of them reversed and blurred to make the emitter.

    Streach a red square for a blade. You can reverse the color for a cyan blade if you prefer.

    Copy the blade and streach it a little wider and longer. Place the thinner line in the center of the wider one and blur the wider one to get the right effect. Then just put them together.

    May the force be with you.

    * The handle of the lightsaber should be longer than it appears here. It has been shortened.

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  • stihl 1.2.2014
    listen to elgar my friend... :)
  • MrTerrorKiller 17.1.2014
  • DonutNinja 7.1.2014
    good too know
  • Scales 7.1.2014
    @Elgar: That would be a good addition to this drawing. The white stripe would make it look even better.
  • craigdragon 7.1.2014
    Very good!
  • Elgar 7.1.2014
    also you can add a white blured stripe in the middle of sabber ;).... Great tutorial

    edited by owner

  • abrotons 7.1.2014
    I love tutorials!
  • Detective 7.1.2014
    Great tutorial!
  • NBSloth 7.1.2014
  • Stiltsen 7.1.2014
    Lightsabers rule.
  • Maoriman 7.1.2014
    Coolio Tutorial. If the library reset doesn't work. You might want to try deleting some of the blurred items in your library. Blurring stuff takes up boat loads of memory and slows the loading of your library down till it doesn't load at all...

    edited by owner

  • Fabiolars 7.1.2014
    Yeiii! I´ll have ligthsabers so easy!
  • cirkuz 7.1.2014
    i too am interested in this technique...
  • OccamsRayzor 7.1.2014
    I'll PM you
  • Scales 7.1.2014
    I don't know that trick. Please tell me about it..
  • OccamsRayzor 7.1.2014
    Have you tried the library reset trick?

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