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Ant Hill: Page 2

benjamin895 on 6. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

Ant Hill: Page 2
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    Page 2

    This strip is a reply to welcome.. to Ant Hill., Ant Hill: Page 1



    His name was Eric, a little blue ant.
    He lived in a world that you or i can't.

    A little explorer, destined to view the world.
    Viewed from a unique perspective, where the lines can not be blurred.
    The vibrations of a sound, so inspiring. So, divine.
    It echoes through the soul you see. It's impressions you can't define.

    It was a short breath ago, this little ant began to teethe.
    Now it's in this world, a world beyond us,
    where a little ant can breathe.

    ant, hill, storybook, kids, fun, adventure, eric
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