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Waiting for this... (Read desc.)

Fizzle on 4. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

Waiting for this... (Read desc.)
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  • Fizzle 6.1.2014
    Thank you everyone. :)
    Unfortunately, I will be busy with school for two weeks, so I won't be very active on SG.

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  • benjamin895 6.1.2014
    was a top game.. hopefully it will be back soon:)

  • Floxo 6.1.2014
    Wat doe ik hier.
  • asfaltocaldo 6.1.2014
    conga on bribed Fizzle!
  • paco_de_pinda 6.1.2014
    @Erwinator Do you mean, you're gonna take a visit at my house!? Nuuuuu xD. That almost changed my mind.. almost... =P
  • Stiltsen 6.1.2014
  • Erwinator 6.1.2014
    Paco , I know which train , I have to take >:3

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  • Maoriman 6.1.2014
    Gonga on bribed Fizzle...
  • paco_de_pinda 5.1.2014
    And of course do I take this bribe as a huge complement to myself too! Thanks guys, and congratulations on the bribe Fizzle!! :D
  • Fizzle 5.1.2014
    Wow, are you guys serious? This got bribed? Haha it was just a message for Paco, but I really appreciate this! Thank you all very much! :D
  • craigdragon 5.1.2014
    Conga on bribed!:>)
  • abrotons 5.1.2014
    well.. i'd rather say they're waiting for it!
  • Detective 5.1.2014
  • Maoriman 5.1.2014
    C'mon dude start up another round!
  • NeoChomik 4.1.2014
    Welp... I think it's safe to say Im not waiting for the 3rd part of Mafia... still neat-o strip.
  • Flamingdeath 4.1.2014
    Awww we gotta wait for 2015?!?! 2014 barley started a few days ago c'mon Paco!!!!!

    I agree Fizzle Mafia was fun X)
  • Scales 4.1.2014
    We need more games on here.
  • cirkuz 4.1.2014
    its fun to watch the mafia game series
  • paco_de_pinda 4.1.2014

    Well.. I'm sorry, but I won't do it anytime soon. I appreciate that you all like the game so much! (really!)
    There will be another Mafia round in... 2015.. or earlier.. idk.. but not anytime soon. Still thanks for the strip! (faved of course!) :D
  • Elgar 4.1.2014
    yay.... I'm sure that there will be round 3 very soon after this...huray! :D

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