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Ant Hill: Page 1

benjamin895 on 4. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

Ant Hill: Page 1
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    Page 1

    This strip is a reply to welcome.. to Ant Hill.



    Ant Hill was a quiet little place, lost in time and hidden amongst the trees.
    A place so obscure, you could never find it. Not even, on your knees.
    Under the bright blue sky it sits. A beauty, no man could tame.
    The ants worked long and hard, the queen slept all the same.

    At night you can hear the wind pass, it passes like the wind.
    The crickets churp. The bees buzz. Atop a lily pad, the cheeky frog grinned.
    Amongst the darkness, the sounds of the night. It's beauty cannot be underlined.
    For the creatures of the night, so mysterious, so bound. So, intertwined.

    So my friends, please bear in mind. This story is for your peace of mind.
    so never be blind, keep an open mind and never ever, let your focus, be undermined.
    As this is the story of a little blue ant. It is a story i will tell, and i tell it in kind.

    ant, hill, kids, story, book, ants
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  • calm 23.7.2014
    The artistry in this strip is perfection! The words....oh, so poetic...
  • TitiVonTranz 14.1.2014
    Excellent - love the style and quality. XXX
  • areta 12.1.2014
  • rapunzel18 8.1.2014
  • Brezhoneg 8.1.2014
  • OccamsRayzor 7.1.2014
    Brilliant illustrative graphics!
  • Fredrick 7.1.2014
  • akoepke 6.1.2014
    I especially enjoy the framing.
  • stihl 5.1.2014
    very nice,
    favs and conga !
  • Quag54 5.1.2014
    This is gonna be one great booklet !
  • Maoriman 5.1.2014
    Gonga on bribed dude...
  • JRMarklin 4.1.2014
    A perfect illustration for a story
    Una ilustración perfecta para un cuento
  • NeoChomik 4.1.2014
    a lot of minding in the bottom part.
  • Flamingdeath 4.1.2014
    Oh I forgot to say: favs!
  • Flamingdeath 4.1.2014
    so awesome!!!!! You can really see the effort put into this!
  • craigdragon 4.1.2014
    This is going to be awesome!:>) Fantastic start to the series.
  • Fizzle 4.1.2014
  • Scales 4.1.2014
    I am so impressed by the artwork. This is awesome and I look forward to the rest of this story.
  • Detective 4.1.2014
    Love this story!
  • Doll 4.1.2014
    I hope this gets double bribed! Wonderful set up, writing and designs! Your plants are phenomenal, and I think the touch of them spilling over the edges really makes this pop! Please keep working on these, I'll keep reading and thumbing up!

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