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Game Of Kill: The Aftermath (Bob)

dadebomb123 on 31. Dec, 2013 — Lang: English

Game Of Kill: The Aftermath (Bob)
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    After heading the ending of the Game of kill series i wanted to do this strip... also to say i got GTA V and loveing every second of it

    (just sayin i found where the bugatti spawns on single player on the first day by accident so i had a lol there too) :D

    This strip is a reply to Game of Kill: Epilogue



    Hey Bob youre alive!

    As allways

    How's your eye?

    Not bad all recent things considerd

    I saw the news report from flammingdeath saying some guy was at the hospital

    Yep... that was me... what an embarrasment

    So what happend? you want 'missing'

    Media was say'in you were taken or someone bust you out.

    Someone helped me, yes

    So how'd you bust out?

    So just after i sent some information to a friend there was some explsions and i black out. I wake up in a hospital bed, and I'm like...

    Aaahh FUCK!

    My healing factor had already kicked in and my most important injuries, like my EYE! (So glad i killed that bastard!) Then though the monitor my contact BRaD3N...

    Yes, you know the hacker kid!

    Wait, BRaD3N!?

    We havent!? What the fuck has the author been doing all this time!?

    Hacker? wait, are you talking about 'The war'? We havent got to that part yet!

    He got GTA V for Christmas... and a writers block

    Ah well, that explains the lack of strips lately...

    HI :D

    Great! now you just used up a slide that the author chould've used to explain how i went 'missing'!

    Fine, ill stop asking things so you can continue...

    Right, as i was saying, BRaD3N hacked into the webcam and said he was in control of the security feed and put it on a loop for everyone else. He would direct me where to go to get out of the hospital without being seen... he's good ill give him that at least...

    So how did that go?

    Allmost no problems at all, couple of cops i had to knock out but apart form that it went very smoothly. Got my gear back and got out of the hospital... and survived the Game of kill with only a few more scars too

    So it was that simple huh?

    Well there was some more to it then that but you wasted a slide asking who BRaaaD3N is so im sorry you are retarded

    You got a problem with that?

    No, it just means that i have someone to stupid shit with!

    Game, Of, Kill, was, good, there, should, be, a, continuation, it, #awesome
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  • Maoriman 31.12.2013
  • Flamingdeath 31.12.2013
    Eheheheheh...good thing you did this I really didn't know where I was gonna go with it.
  • NeoChomik 31.12.2013
    Bob is smiling! from what i heard that might be unheard of.

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