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Good things come in small pacages Folk tale

pdog007 on 18. Dec, 2013 — Lang: English

Good things come in small pacages Folk tale
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    At the Hobans home in a tribe in Kuwait, The family celebrates their daughter, Gutan’s birthday. They pretended like the presents that Gutan Received, came as a delivery form Crane, the mailman.

    “why are these so small? They are the size of my foot”

    Gutan comes home from learning with Turtle at the elder's place.When she got home, she looked at the size of the presents in disgust. She thinks "what I would've wanted for my birthday, is not possibly here."

    Gutan, can you just open them?

    Can you tell me what's in them?!

    We want it to be a suprise. Just like the way I was suprised when I was your age.

    NO, i wont
    open them!! Even Grasshopper got more than this for his birthday, and his presents were bigger.

    Good things come in small packages Gutan.

    But I want Big presents

    Wha- Why

    Open the packages and whatever you want will be in there

    To make this more interesting I'll make this a magic trick. What do you want?

    Actually, don't tell us.

    double click to write...

    double click to write...

    Aww Yeah, you guys are the best

    Good things come in small packages Gutan

    Okay, now i can buy anything that i want no matter how big it is in the tribe market

    # ### @@ ###### #####FOlktale, #
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