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The best strip ever!

Elgar on 14. Dec, 2013 — Lang: Česky

The best strip ever!
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  • MelanieCool 27.1.2014
  • paco_de_pinda 11.1.2014

    Well done, it looks great!(and I didn't knew what to expectxD)
  • Elgar 7.1.2014
  • abrotons 7.1.2014
    no problem
  • Cheesepizza 17.12.2013
    :D Favorited.
  • asfaltocaldo 15.12.2013
    yes, really well made, forgot to point out
  • Stiltsen 15.12.2013
    Extremely well made!!
  • Flamingdeath 15.12.2013
  • asfaltocaldo 15.12.2013
    hahaha superb thumbpic...
  • Veronique 15.12.2013
  • Maoriman 15.12.2013
    I'm a troll Loolio!
  • thecomedyhen 15.12.2013
    hahaha got me
  • Elgar 15.12.2013
  • wich 15.12.2013
    Moc nemám rád když se na SG objevují RAGE ksichty, ale budiš - pěkná práca
  • Cheesepizza 15.12.2013
  • MegaByte 14.12.2013
    trolololo :D
  • Drachir 14.12.2013
    I move like water I go with the flow
    I go back to old school
    I go back to Rome
    But this is not history it's the start of the show
    Never worry that is the way that I roll
    I'm a bad man, what is it let me say again
    You can try copy like a slave to a trend
    Nothing they can say and nothing they can do
    It's no problem for me, but it's a problem for you!
  • MrTerrorKiller 14.12.2013
  • Detective 14.12.2013
    damn... Now make Rick Roll
  • Elgar 14.12.2013
    :D looks like SG is trolling me back

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