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Italian lesson for Stripper's

ASHA on 26. Dec, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

Italian lesson for Stripper's
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    ASHA, fun, humor, satire
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  • TittyTwister 26.12.2007
    hehe ma che bello oggi ^
  • Casostrano 26.12.2007
    ahahah merda! ahah bell'uomo!
    Ma quante cavolo ne hai fatte ahah! cia!!!! :D :P
  • Panther55 26.12.2007
    Freinds Love towards you and Spigi?
  • ASHA 26.12.2007
    Praticamente uguale !
    Buona giornata anche a te : )))))))))
  • leedee 26.12.2007
    It is not very difficult understand Italian,
    We have many similar words...

    La corona = a coroa.
    Amico = amigo.
    Sole= sol.

    ok, I stop =)
    Good day to you.

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